Travel Services

Travelling for either business or leisure purpose, Option Travel tailors your voyage with main focus on obtaining the optimum level of our clients solutions, starting from destination management, hotel booking, VISA and tickets issuing and program planning, in addition to our branch of special corporate facilities and services that we offer our business travelers. Hence, we offer the most convenient travel arrangement for the traveler, helping to make it an memorable journey for our visitors

Vehicles rent

Whatever your transportation needs could be, personal or group carriers, from latest sedan cars, 4-wheeled drives to luxurious chauffeured limousines and all the way to highly equipped minivans, you can make your choice amongst a fleet of most recent models of transportation vehicles, all operated by a team of highly qualified and expert drivers, taking you all around Egypt for business and individual transportation. Option travel applies the highest standards of health and safety measures in regards to its own staff, consequentially reflecting on our clients making their trips secure and enjoyable.